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Twitter Helps Jobseekers Improve their Communication Skills

By Job & Career Accelerator Admin

The skills Twitter requires to be successful—including communicating succinctly and clearly in 140 characters or few—are important for job seekers. A report from a study that analyzed 500 resumes in the U.K. indicates that “using Twitter trains people to be succinct, leading to interesting, eye catching, and short CVs which appeal to recruiters,” according to TheNextWeb.com.

 Since Twitter requires users to shrink their comments to soundbyte sized “tweets,” regular users exercise important workplace skills, including:

  •  Being concise. Mark Twain is quoted as saying, “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I’ve written a long one instead.” It takes time, skill, and effort to eliminate excess verbiage. Since Twitter only allows posts that are 140 characters or fewer (including spaces, punctuation, and symbols), it forces users to identify and write about their main points.
  • Editing and writing. Crafting tweets that share useful information, have an impact for readers, and do not rely on excessive text-speak and abbreviations requires some skill. Using Twitter will help job seekers improve their editing and writing abilities.
  • Vocabulary expanding. Sometimes, it might be necessary to consult a thesaurus to find just the right word to express a thought via Twitter. Learning new vocabulary may help job seekers appear more intelligent and will improve their ability to communicate in the workplace.

TheNextWeb.com quotes Cary Cooper, Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University Management School, who agrees that job seekers may benefit from using Twitter. He said: “When reviewing CVs for the first time, employers may only […] see candidates’ short summaries, so a jobseeker with a standard, dull or uninteresting personal synopsis is less likely to be shortlisted.”

Being able to write concise, engaging points and other resume content improves a job seeker’s chances of being noticed, and Twitter, in conjunction with Job and Career Accelerator’s powerful Resume Builder, offers the perfect training ground.

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